Self destruction.. 3..2..1


We all know a few people that are in the process of imploding right before our eyes… Sometimes privately and sometimes on Facebook… Very publicly. In case your ever wondering if that person you might know might be self destructing- here are some things to look for:

1) Drinking alcohol

(also include serving customers way too much booze and waiting till they pass out so you can take pictures and post on face book. )

2) Overeating

(boozing and druggin a bit too much.)

3) Cutting yourself

4) Verbally lashing out at someone

(especially when your behind a keyboard and bullying women.)

5) Avoiding other people or isolating yourself

(Some could only wish..)

6) Using drugs

(On a daily basis)

7) Gambling

(On your sanity)

8) Throwing things

(Especially when your throwing a temper tantrum because someone told you that your a idiot and your really not that relevant to their successful life.)

9) Engaging in dangerous sexual practices

(Kinda like making disgusting pedophiliac comments to a 14 year old..)

10) Threatening suicide

(Hmmm.. I will leave that untouched.. For now. Wait- who am I kidding! We know your far to egotistical for that!)

11) Becoming violent toward others

(Yes- especially when your behind the computer.. Violently pounding the keyboard.)

12) Threatening others

(Again- behind the keyboard)

13) Banging your head against a wall

(Not hard enough)

14) Pulling out your hair

(Careful- don’t have much to start with..)

15) Attempting suicide



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