Myth Busting Mode

Myth #2
“All Bully Breed owners are the scum of society and love violence and death.”


Let’s take a look into the “non violent” members of the “I hate pit bulls/bully breed” and “The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Reveled” members….

First up!


Well… That sure doesn’t seem really nice… I’m sure that’s just a one time event- right?


I’m always amazed how in one breath some of the extremists on the anti bully breed movement scream at other bully breed owners and our innocent dogs how blood thirsty we must be to own our dogs that have never attacked or shown a mean bone and then turn around and say things like:




Even enjoying the idea of dog owners being attacked:


Some more of her lovely opinions…


Wishing death, perfectly okay with a dog attacking their owner- even enjoying it- to going as far as premeditating a attack on a young boy with his dog:


I’m just not buying their non violent campaign- they always seem to resort or wish harm to others…


And just so you know-


But the real kicker is- to them it’s so funny when a dog is tortured and killed based on the breed:


In all honesty- I really hope that as a society we hold these individuals and others like them accountable for their words and actions. It’s fine if you don’t like my dog- it’s not fine for you to threaten or try to harm my innocent dog.


13 thoughts on “Myth Busting Mode

  1. This group sounds like a group of budding serial killers and animal abusers. Canine racist. And to the person who said euthanasia is “comfortable”, and you know this how? Don’t want her is my hospice nurse. BYW both of my husbands died of cancer, neither asked ANYONE to “euthanize” them.


  2. I do not feel it is a mere coincidence the atrocities being rained down on this “type” of canine and the rabid rantings of Lucifer’s (Crazeen) minions: two “types” that were shot to death and hanged from a tree; a puppy “type” thought to have severe mange, but upon further medical examination was found to be severely burned with chemicals; one “type” dragged to it’s death behind a white work truck and dumped at a gas station. The minions who advocate this are clearly mentally unstable individuals. I sincerely hope the day arrives quickly when these wing nuts are brought up on animal cruelty charges and spend the rest of their lives locked up, either in an institution or prison.


  3. This should be shared FAR and WIDE. Thank God none of these lunatic sociopaths live anywhere near me. Show up on my property after what you have posted publicly, and you will find yourself up close and personal with the barrel of a 45. No joke.


    1. Ml and Sara…where and when do we begin? Even though these “people” are being exposed more with each passing day, their suggestions and intentions are taking a much darker and sinister twist. And these particular people may not live in your neighborhood, it would seem they are keen to disseminate subliminal information, leading one to believe they are reaching an even more unstable audience who would act on these subliminal messages.


  4. Incredible. I love that there’s an option to pin these on pinterest! I might have to start a board. Whatever I can do to get this info out there!
    I hope you don’t mind but I saved that Jenni Scott comment. Since she has tried to threaten me at my job, it’s nice to have info to give to my employers to warn them.


  5. Someone needs to notify the parents of the boy walking his dog and the authorities. This woman is clearly not of sound mind. I would be afraid to let my kid walk out doors with a nut like that running around my neighborhood. WTH is wrong with these people?


  6. the ignorance that is shown in the comments on this page are sick. you would kill me for the breed of dog i want as a part of my family. As a child i was attacked by a dog a small mean ankle bitting shit, but i didnt want him dead for being scared. And when did you all get the okay from God above to become the judge and jurys for these pets and pet owners. the hatefull things and actions you spout sicken and scare me. I am and will always be a pet and people lover and that includes pitt bulls.Get it together people.




  8. Here is what you’re NOT GETTING. Most, if not all of these people, have been attacked, had a relative attacked or lost a relative to an attack. When they sought justice, there was none. Then they went (or are going) through the stages of grieving. There was no compensation, no blame, no promise of future change to prevent their attack. There was no comfort, no sympathy, no understanding. People who owned the dogs that had attacked were not held accountable. Oftentimes dogs were returned to their owners with no consequence. Victims were(are) taunted, threatened, demeaned. The way they found to heal themselves and take some control so that they would not stay victims forever, was (is) to try to stop what happened to them, from happening to others. Each additional attack, maiming or death, reminds them of their own attack and causes those memories to flood back. Fear, sorrow and anger flood them all over again and their resolve becomes stronger. Victims talk like that on websites to vent. They are victimized by pitbull advocates that tell them things like, “it was your fault” “you caused this” never blaming the animal for behaving, like an ANIMAL. They dont know the circumstance and only speak from their own unique experiences, which mean NOTHING TO THE VICTIM. IT BRINGS NO COMFORT, ONLY FRUSTRATION AND ANGER. You may be able to search sites where you find angry people spouting off. THERE ARE JUST AS MANY VICIOUS DOG OWNERS SAYING THOSE THINGS AND WORSE. But this is how they are healing. Its a stage. None of them wish ill on others. I can tell you that they are continuously attacked by many many people for speaking out. How do YOU react to being attacked when you are going through grief? With anger.

    Your dispicable exploitation of these conversations is not cool. I’m sure that you have NEVER said anything out of frustration in a group of trusted people that you would not say in public. The groups are there to help each other through the cycles of healing. If we as empathetic and loving human beings would focus on working together to stop the pain and horrific suffering of humans and animals and less on the behaviors of people who we have no idea what they are going (have gone through), we might be able to stop all of this. We all live in glass houses. Let’s not throw stones.


    1. I don’t say things I’m afraid to admit too. I keep hearing the same thing- lack of accountability. These were posted in a open public setting. But thank you for your opinion! 🙂


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