Facts VS. Opinions

So- after a nice little discussion with people who don’t seem to understand that there is a actual difference between OPINION and FACT.

By Golly- some don’t even CARE about facts or if what they say is true or not. They just want you to believe without questioning- kinda like this Gem:



Eh.. Many will disagree. SO- I have decided to make another round of flash cards to help people like her!

First- what is the definition of FACT and OPINION?


Pretty self explanatory right?
Well- I’ve created some useful flash cards to show the difference! Print them and use them when talking to some one like the Gem I mentioned above… Maybe she’ll pick up something new? Either way- sharing is caring!

Examples of opinion VS facts:

No brainer right?


This shouldn’t come as a surprise:


A very important one:


Another no brainer:


I hope these help when wading through the pool of… Well… Whatever you call ’em.

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