F@ck you Colleen Lynn

My heart breaks for this family-
They lost their young infant in a horrific tragedy.

please read the story here

Instead of mourning or showing a smidgen of respect Colleen Lynn and her pathetic group of “humans” (and I’m still unsure if they can be even described as humans) focus in- what the possible dog might be mixed with.



Now let’s move on to the next asshole:


What? No mention of the victim? Just WHAT MIGHT the dog might be mixed with?

Now- what about this asshole?


Not that shocking- he ways has to be part of a story- any story- he doesn’t care. Still- no mention of the victim.

Next Asshole-


We get it- Jeff/Harry- you and your fake profile are still pathetic excuses for humans.

AND another Asshole!


Oh wait- she had one more thing to say:



NEWSFLASH– they have no IDEA what the stupid dog looks like. The media has not published a picture! Not like that matter to these leeches.

On behalf of those that mourn the loss of your child- our heart breaks for you and pray for you during this tragedy. Please forgive the pathetic excuses that call themselves “victim advocates”. We know they care only about one thing- themselves.

13 thoughts on “F@ck you Colleen Lynn

  1. These people are completely out of their minds. They make me ill that EVERY single dog is, according to them, a pit bull or pit mix. If that was true, then there must be 60 million pit bulls in this country.


  2. If someone chokes on a cheerio these lunatics would say the cheerio was genetically altered with pit bull DNA. Good grief.


  3. when every state has abolished BSL and it WILL be…I have to wonder what/who their next subject of attack will be…themselves hopefully?


  4. This is not a professional victims advocacy. This is a group of crazy hate driven arseholes who seek revenge. Not a one of them should be allowed to come within 100 yards of a victim. I cannot even begin to imagine the damage they may have already done to others.


  5. lol really people. Get a life a dog is a dog. It’s all about how you raise then bit about genetics and how cool you can make yiur self look over the internet cause you all sound fucken stupid trying to be Dr.’s. Moe like American Pendejos with cash an stupidity. Yiur not god nor the POTUS. Relax about putting DV’s down. Let’s put you down for beig as aggressive as these so alled dangerous pit bulls are. See if yiur still about putting dogs down. Grow up get a life interact with people who talk back to you. Not animal who can’t speak for them selfs. Ignorant nonsmEt stupi people in this world like all all of y’all make us normal human look and feel bad cause Of the few bad apples that hate out bulls……. Have y’all ever concidered that nobody like y’all and people want tonout y’all down. It’s a two way street for a simple stupid solution for you dumb fucks. “You can’t fix stupid” no matter how much evidence or documents we have build up to prove you tecates wrong.

    Good day and I have a pit with a husky and my 2 year old is more protected than you will eer be in yiur entire life. Ciao Bella’s ciao


  6. Snarky Dog is a foamer I found some of “its” comments, since “it” likes to hide behind “its” keyboard:”fukking shitbulls and their scummy owners” from this article:http://pitbullattacksinillinois.blogspot.com/2013/06/jun-27-2013-pit-bull-mauls-10-year-old.html:

    snarky dog, vancouver, Canada, 6 months ago

    how can people accept what these dogs do as normal and admirable even ? i think it says something terrible about modern popular culture .
    Click to rate

    snarky dog, vancouver, Canada, 6 months ago

    how can ppl see the damage done and think that these are just normal dog trying to kill something? to accept what these dogs do as normal and acceptable says something terrible about popular culture .

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2508150/Pit-bulls-chewed-womans-CAR-terrified-cat-cowered-wheel-well.html#ixzz34Lc7siYh
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    Snarky Dog
    Shared publicly – Jun 28, 2013

    fukking shitbulls and their scummy owners.
    Jun 27, 2013 Pit Bull mauls 10 year old girl – crowd cheers as pit bull owner arrested


      1. you are so welcome!!….you should feel honored (**”dripping sarcasm all over keyboard”***) that the little teeny minded robots have found you!


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