Pooch of the Week!!!

I know- usually a post is point out the idiots of the anti- bully/pit crowd but TODAY IS FREAKING SPECIAL!

Once a week I will be show casing one of your most awesome pooches! Heck- we’ll showcase your cat if you don’t have a pooch!

Let me introduce you to….. CASSIUS!!


Cassius is currently 14 months old. He came to live with his L.R when he was 5 weeks old. It seems that that this awesome pooch and his L.R have similar personalities! They both are laid back, relaxed, and goofy. According to Mr. Cassius, his L.R likes goof off a lot. Cassius face past times are: to frolic like a deer,snooze on the couch and eat. A lot. He is a good boy who doesn’t chew things up or bark a lot.
His fears: small animals like squirrels

Cassius is a quirky pooch- he likes to hide in the bath tub when His L.R mentions the word bath…..he is um…special like that.

He’s a huge cuddle bug, and is always has to be touching his L.R one way or another even if it’s just his tail on her lap. He really is quite the Ham.


A little about his L.R Heathr V:

She has basic knowledge in Veterinary medicine from schooling, as well as EMT knowledge. She is a high school graduate, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a cousin and a friend. She loves traveling, most of all out of country to visit and learn about other cultures and ways of life.


Check Heather out on Face Book under her informative group “Bull Breed Education”!

If you feel like having your pooch showcased once a week please email me @ zombiesandcupcakes@icloud.com with some fave pictures of you and pooch with a short bio of you and your awesome dog!

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