Now it all makes sense!

You know- I have to seriously stop and think why people are the way they are.

So I know this guy. Wait- let me correct that- I sometimes converse with this person who tries to be nice, polite sorta guy but mostly he’s just a big sour puss. Kinda like Oscar the Grouch- just no where near as like able or famous.

Isn’t Oscar adorable?


Okay- I’m back on track! Now- this man wears many hats- but the 3 I’m focusing on today are: Proud owner of a hate page that makes fun of people – and even admits it. He’s also a “Victims Advocate” and he’s a bartender on the side. Whew- busy man!

Here is Mr. Advocate-


Aw- seems like a big ‘ole sweetheart, right?

Here he is as the owner of a HATE Facebook page in action-


Now mind you- she’s a young woman and pregnant being picked on by a much older man who is also a victim advocate.

I guess he wasn’t done making fun of her… Why you ask? Why is this victim advocate making fun of a young pregnant woman? It’s because he doesn’t like her choice in dogs.
That makes me sad….


After doing some reading- I realized why this man was such a mean ‘ole grumpy grump most of the time.
It’s because he’s not that great of a BARTENDER!
I mean- just read some of the reviews:


Maybe he was grumpy because he’s so busy being a VICTIM ADVOCATE and CYBER BULLY who hides behind a hate page! All that work and still have to sling drinks at a low laying job would make anyone unhappy.

Well- I kinda believe that one…
Don’t tell anyone but he stalks me and many other people too…


Well yes… He is rude 98.9% of the time…

Roaches would make me grumpy too!!


I think your getting the idea… and now I’m understanding why he’s such a asshole most of the time. Still- makes me sad…just a tiny bit.

One thought on “Now it all makes sense!

  1. oh, you’ve conversed with good ole Billy the Bartender! Doesn’t he just fit the mold? He allows the bar patrons to become overly inebriated, takes their pictures and then posts them all over his page on fb…here’s the thing…once he got caught up in it he deleted all those pictures from his fb page. Poor Billy, really got to give it to him….he tried. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for good ole Billy…


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