Weapons of mass stupidity

I’m not sure if your familier with Torrington Fire Fighter Richard Prince who was demoted for promoting acts cruelty to a dog on a public open FACEBOOK group – if your not please read here.


Pretty vile- right? According to this man and his supporters- you might have all these weapons available at the drop of a dime:



I mean- OF COURSE if your being attacked by a dog your able to tie up from a tree branch and beat it- right? I mean- who doesn’t feel that shoving a long cylinder object up a dogs butt is a quick and easy way to stop a dog attack? (Really- I can’t make this stuff up…) Run it over, light it on fire, duct tape it, I’m not sure what you would do with a hydraulic machine, drown it in a pool, drown it in a lake, stab it with a pitch fork or knife…. I mean- ALL those sure seem pretty reasonable right? Sure- if your a freaking psychopath.

Shocking– this man has supporters in the ant pit crowd. ( Notice the group name on top of the screen cap? Reoccurring event it seems…)


Eh? He’s a private man who writes this well thought out post on a public-open-group? And- no where does it say to shove something up a bears ass will prevent it from attacking… Unless I’m missing something. Let me check…. nope. Still no comment of sodomizing a bear.


I get the shooting- I get having to stab- I get gouging eyes out- heck- I just found out that maybe if you stick your finger up the dogs bum it might stop the dog attacking (I’m sorry- but sticking my finger up a dogs butt was never in my “How to stop a dog attack” knowledge. To be frank- I’m having a hard time keeping a straight face at the idea…) I get that if your being attacked but you can’t convince me of the rest of the crap.


(I’m sorry- but that thumb creeps me out now…)

FYI– just because you don’t like a breed or have been a victim- YOU don’t have the right to promote animal cruelty on innocent dogs. The mere fact you make excuses for this person shows the true mentality of your movement.

Here is blog post that got Mr. Prince’s imagination rolling.

And this is another WTF moment brought to you by insanity at it’s finest!

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