Conform or pay the price?

You know what the BEST part about being a individual with the ability to be able to make up our own MINDS and forming our EDUCATED opinion when we are faced with multiple sources to choose from. WE the consumer are perfectly able to make a CHOICE with out worrying if you’ve upset a minority of people. Individualism is not their strong point.

This brings me to Individualism vs. Collectivism .


There are two basic ways of understanding the relationship between individuals in a group. The first way is individualism, which states that each individual is acting on his or her own, making their own choices, and to the extent they interact with the rest of the group, it’s as individuals. Collectivism is the second way, and it views the group as the primary entity, with the individuals lost along the way.

Your probably wondering what the frick ‘n frack this has to do with- It’s about the controversy of choosing which or even multiple dog bite statistic sources. Surely this can’t be a issue- well it is.

According to Kenneth Phillips at Dog Bite Law and Colleen Lynn at – the only source YOU should use are her statistics and of course- Merritt Clifton- (even though he’s surrounded by controversy and debunked numbers ) and ONLY those.
Let’s look at some comments:



Now- let’s see what Dog Bite Law think of anyone else’s statistics-


Even though on his web page Mr. Phillips writes-

Three commonly accepted sources of information about canine homicides are the CDC, Merritt Clifton (editor of Animal People), Colleen Lynn (author of, and Karen Delise (author of Fatal Dog Attacks). However, none of their figures agree. This is largely because of the difficulties involved in gathering dog bite statistics.

So- wait. There are OTHER commonly uses sites other than Dogsbite.Org? If that’s true- why is everyone who questions Dogsbite are attacked?



Aw- good ‘ole not so charming Harry steps in and what does he do? Of course he says NCRC is not credible and then proceeds to direct this person straight to…. Yup.

And again when stats are questioned-

Third time is a charm-


Just to see why DOGSBITE.ORG tries to destroy the credibility of a leading source I took a glance at the Advisors of NCRC. It’s pretty impressive!

Let’s look at the advisors for list of professionals- – wait- studies and reports? Not actual professionals? That can’t be right- let’s check again-
Here? – nope… How about the written testimony to Congress should include professionals right? Eh- just Colleen Lynn?

7 thoughts on “Conform or pay the price?

  1. Nearly all his cases reach a cash settlement, most often with a homeowner’s or landlord’s insurance carrier. Homeowners policies generally limit payouts to $300,000 or less. PHILLIPS CUT IS 25% for CHILD VICTIMS and 30% for ADULTS. He really cares. LMAO!


  2. Who in their right mind would use – a website run by a former fortune teller with absolutely NO credentials over a nationally recognized organization with a panel of experts? Why an ambulance chasing lawyer of course!


    1. I think it really shows what kind of character he has. Instead of wanting the public to be adequately informed he handicaps them by only allowing biased material and promotes a very hostile environment for who doesn’t conform to their beliefs.


  3. Since Phillips makes a majority of his money from insurance companies, one would think he would advocate insurance companies covering ALL dogs….the culties want us to have adequate insurance, yet attack companies that OFFER dog owners insurance(State Farm comes to mind.) For the culties is is a thinly veiled agenda of hate and violence…for Phillips it is all about the next ambulance he can chase.


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