You wonder why?

Questions of the day:


Well- let’s first remember the definition of stereotype:


When it comes to the violent and possibly mentally unstable members of DOGSBITE.ORG & The Pit bull Propaganda Machine there really is no “overly simplification” of these people.
They hate: A) Bully breeds B) Owners C)Anyone who disagrees with them and D) They will blame YOU and YOUR DOGS for everything that has gone wrong even if they have no FREAKING clue who YOU are. There really is nothing simple about that.

They are always talking about killing people and animals…

Shooting things:


Some more shooting…


Then some target practice:



And of course… Their favorite motto:
“Just euthanize them gently.”


They don’t care if innocent dogs are abused or killed- because to them- THOSE innocent dogs have to pay the price for the guilty ones…


There is no “stereotyping” when it comes to describing you as a “HATER“. If anything- that word does not really describe you. But what I would suggest is to find a shrink as fast as you can. You have some serious issues. Violent, disturbing, dangerous and morally unethical issues.


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