Drugs, Satan and a whole basket of Craziness- Oh My!


My dear friends- I just don’t think we are in Kansas anymore. Although instead of Oz- we’ve landed in the Land of DBO and I have to warn you- some of the people just are not right.

What in the world could make someone say this?


So- here is a man who has no issue lighting his grandmas house on fire- then jamming a dirty needle in his arm before OR after sleeping with prostitutes that have aids? Obviously all that would happen before he stuck his junk in a blender and pushed start….What in the world could make him say that? Well- I suppose this could explain that craziness…


That kinda makes sense now.
I’m just going to point out- that could –possibly– be illegal activity he’s involved in… But- that doesn’t surprise me since it’s coming from a man who thinks his “eyes are black as Satan“.



What a real nice guy,right?

Another stellar Dogsbite.Org member that could possibly in your neighborhood!


Alright- all humor aside- That’s scary!

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