God has left the building.

*Warning- if anyone offends easily, extremely religious or actually has a sense of moral decency- you will find these images disturbing and offensive.*


Is there anything Dogsbite.Org members –won’t– disrespect? Well- we have found out that GOD isn’t even safe from their judgements.

Wait- he was? Well- this woman partially disagrees-

Eh? Well- carry on with your hate pit bull rants atleast-

That’s a whole new level of hate- they hate pit bulls, pit bull owners, dogs they think might be pit bulls, politicians who don’t believe them, people who don’t agree with, and now Jesus.

*side note- there was a image created by these people with a pit bull nailed to a cross in place of Jesus- I just found way to offensive and I will not post that image.

4 thoughts on “God has left the building.

  1. I don’t offend that easily if at all, but how the hell do these extremists come off discussing Jesus. The hate in their hearts more or less exempts them as Christians by anybody’s definition. I’d pray for them, but I love my dog too much to care if they burn in Hell. I’m not too sure Satan wants them. Where is this church. I want send a letter with a picture to the Southern Baptist Convention. Not sure they’d be impressed. All of this hate for a pup who has done nothing to them. So much hate. SMH


  2. I wonder if the admin of the Ban All Pit Bulls page that used this as their cover picture would like to identify themselves with their name.


  3. the adms of ALL dbo pages hide behind anonymity (multiple pages with multiple names-most, if not, all fake profiles) which leaves one to wonder how much they are really involved in their little campaign of hate, or just rattling their sabers so to speak…all talk no action, as it were. These are impotent little no bodies with no lives outside their computers….poor decrepit little nobodies trying, in vain no less, to garner their 3 minutes of fame…takes a small evil minded drone to violate a child that has already suffered…takes a small evil minded drone to cut/paste and photo-shop…they are bringing about their own demise in the most hysterical fashion imaginable…it takes a tiny weeny impotent drone such as those that belong to the dbo disorganization to be this heinously jealous of honesty and are scared/nervous out of their little tiny weeny minds of failure. their true colors shine illustriously with each key stroke….


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