I can’t help but wonder if Dogsbite.Org and the idiots from TPBPMR ever get tired of being pimp slapped by Big Momma’ Common Sense?


So- awhile back ago- TPBPMR issued a “challenge“:


Really? Well- there is a site that works hard keeping track of dogs bite from ALL breeds! You remember Alldogsbite– right?

I must give Alldogsbite credit- their pimp slappin’ hand is strong!

You would THINK TPBPMR would finally just give up and acknowledge they can’t keep lying and spreading their hateful nonsense but… Intelligence is not one of their greatest assets.
Earlier today- Alldogsbite posted this story:

And guess what “Bartender/Victims advocate/Cyber bully/cyber Stalker” unearthed himself to comment:


Eh? No where in that post did
Alldogsbite say that the punishment was acceptable or if it wasn’t … Oh- is the TPBMR residential bartender/victims advocate/cyber bully/cyber stalker a bit hurt someone didn’t share their repetitive petition that basically said the same repeat ice vomit. Try holding each dog and owner accountable and leave the innocent dogs alone. The petition was partially about that one child- the rest was about your hateful agenda.

I think that’s part of the most vile and disgusting tool that you use- you use these victims as your basis of hate and violence.

Until you learn that each and every day Dogsbite.Org is being exposed as the biased hate fueled website that bit is- you will be receiving daily pimp slaps filled with common sense and the TRUTH.


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