No big surprise…

The Pro BSL/Ban group are a small circle of some seriously disgusting people. Real shocker right?

We remember Mr. John Anonnon/John D Wayne and a slew of other fake profiles, right?

(Still just as creepy as before..)
Well- according to him- his adopt a pit bull and euthanize it day was a big hit.

How nice if him. He thanked the people who adopted a pit bull and then went to murder it. Now- there is no telling if this act of animal abuse really happened or if it’s Anonnon being the vile,disgusting Q that he is.
But my question is- what kind of people enable this mentally ill and violent individual?
Well- these men do:


Great! So the founder of Daxton’s Friends, Mr. Jeff Borchardt and victims advocate/Bartender/cyber bully Mr. William Johnson are buddies with this dangerous man??

Who else?

Fancy that- Colleen Lynn, the creator of and A Mr. Tony Solesky ? Is that the same Tony Solesky who is a chairman on the Daxton’s Friends next to Jeff Borhardt? Isn’t Tony Solesky who is also running for a public office?
Wait- is this another chairman of Daxton’s friends?


I don’t know about you– but I am sick and tired of people trying to hide their hateful agenda under the cloak of victim advocacy and family oriented information sites. Nice try- but as usual- it’s a epic fail.
So- this reminds me of a convo that I had with one of these fake victim advocates:

Really Billy Boy? Are you don’t know anyone who would find abusing and killing dogs just fine and dandy?
Well- I’m pretty sure you do since your on Anonnon’s friend list and he’s a fan of your page:

He’s also a follower of Daxton’s friends? I’m shocked.


Now- Do you two remember these lovely comments?


Granted- that man who beat the dog with a board might not be a member of your groups- but John Anonnon/John D Wayne is- and by allowing his behavior and his hate and violent filled postings your are telling us the PUBLIC that you support his message.
Although your buddy Billy seems to think you guys don’t have any influence over people-

So maybe you don’t have that sort of power to cull the dangerous and violent members of your group. It must feel horrible not to have their respect because if you did- they would put forth their best foot to help you become a legitimate voice in the fight for dog safety.
I’m sorry- but they tend to make you look like a angry man trying to make everyone pay for the mistake of one woman.

3 thoughts on “No big surprise…

  1. If you hang around garbage long enough.. you start to stink.

    If any of these idiots were a true victims advocacy group, or gave one hoot about anyone other than themselves and their egos, used their hard earned donations for what they state they are intended, then I am Mother Theresa.

    Pieces of garbage each and every one of them.


  2. ALL dbo robot drones are carrion, with no exception. Liars, sociopaths and perverts that stick like glue to each other arses…until the other shoe drops-and then they scurry around as cockroaches, bumping into each other, attempting a hasty retreat…


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