In Phoenix alone for 2013 there where 322 reported sexual assults/rape. I’m sure there are hundreds of more that are not even reported or possibly reported and not believed.

In Los Angeles- according to the FBI- there where 380 reported sexual assaults/rapes for 2013

Mobile, Alabama- 11 reported sexual assaults/rape for 2013.

New Orleans, LA- 77 reported sexual assaults/rapes in 2013.

For FOUR cities in the US that comes 790 reported cases of sexual assaults/rape. That’s approximately 66 reported rapes a month. (Although we know the number is higher..) FOR JUST FOUR CITIES. There are approximately 19,355 cities in the US. 790 is just a smudge of what the overall number is.


So you know what blows my mind? When jerk offs exaggerate numbers to feed their hate/fear fueled machine.

In 31 YEARS there have been almost 600 supposed pit bull attacks?
31 years- 600 attacks by dogs. 1 year- 790 sexual assault/rapes in these select 4 cities (which leaves 19,351 cities to count.)

Dog attacks are horrible and traumatic. Unfortunately- people are killed. BUT in reality- by looking at the bigger picture- by trying to make “pit bulls ” these horrible monsters will fail. I’m sorry- but Times- you have lost your way and you need to fire that supposed “reporter”. When you use your public platform that reaches millions you should focus on real problems within our society. Not inflammatory articles with no substance and with discredited and biased sources.

Maybe you should picked a topic that affects every person YOUNG and OLD. Maybe you could have focused on the reporting of sexual assaults/rapes. MAYBEyou might have given the courage to a victim to step forward and find their voice- to find their justice. At this moment- TMZ has more credibility then Times at this moment.

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