Letter to an Idiot-

Dear Jenny Ro,

Hi! How are you? I just wanted to take the time to point out- You are an IDIOT. As a woman, as a mother with two daughters you should really step back and consider what comes out of your mouth.

I honestly just can’t believe I’m going to have to explain this concept to you. But first- let’s look at the convo:

For the love of…. So, a “hypothetical” discussion of rape and rape victim shaming VS. Dog attacks, lack of dog safety, pointing out adult irresponsibility are one in the same? Wait- what did you call it it? A fantastic ANALOGY? Do you even know the definition of analogy?


similarity:a similarity in some respects“.
Other than being a victim of a attack that is where the similarity ends.




By comparing dog attacks to rapes does not make Shaun a aware and compassionate man. It makes him a ignorant piece of crap who hopefully isn’t raising a daughter.
The idea that YOU actually use this comparison in other conversations is reprehensible. Just in case you don’t know what that word means, Ms. Ro-


I can’t help but wonder- if you did actually interact with a rape victim would you say, “That’s so horrible! BUT ATLEAST it wasn’t a pit bull attack.” The sad part is- I can see you typing those exact words.


*feel free to check out the idiots on your own- Please click here – let them know how you feel about this comparison. Be warned- they will bully, harass, threaten, steal images of you AND your family and stalk you for not agreeing with them.

2 thoughts on “Letter to an Idiot-

  1. I see them all using these EXACT words..“That’s so horrible! BUT ATLEAST it wasn’t a pit bull attack.” ! You hit the nail right on the head with this one!! Good god, these people really need to get a clue!


  2. let them, and especially “Shaun”, utter those same words upon his incarceration when his “sensitive” arse is thrown into a cell with a four-hundred pound animal lover…we’ll see how much his “sensitivity training” pays off then!


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