They just can’t stand it. They just can’t wrap their warped and demented minds that Pit Bulls & Bully breeds can be HEROS.

For pit bull/bully breed owners like myself- it comes to no surprise that these dogs rise above and save the day.

May 31, 2014 could have turned into a even more horrific event if this dog didn’t attack and stop the sexual assault in progress.

A kidnapper’s attempt to sic his dog on a victim backfired after the pup refused to take orders and bit the kidnapper instead, deputies say.” According to the story in HuffPost.com

Thankfully- this victim was able to escape. (17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape.)

So- How do Dogsbite.org and TPBPMR members react to a pit bull biting the bad guy?

Of course it’s met with disdain.
The comments, especially from Mr. Jeffery Sloan are pretty much par for course for the DBO cult members-

One moment please-


Not one mention about the VICTIM or THANK GOD that MONSTER didn’t RAPE AND KILL HER but you say this crap?


Seriously –


One thought on “Speechless

  1. dbo neanderthals are disconnected from reality…their reality is whatever their leader feeds them…which begs a question…what are these neanderthals teaching their children, should they have children, or grandchildren, should they have grandchildren? Nothing good comes from so much hate and lies….


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