AIDS vs Pit Bulls

I can’t even believe I have to point out the difference once again to these idiots. First it was rape/sexual assault– now it’s AIDS.

Let’s take a peek at the convo-

So- AIDS is NOT dangerous as long as you avoid any and all contact and do everything to minimize exposure? I think they forget about the children born with HIV.

In 2010, an estimated 217 children younger than the age of 13 years were diagnosed with HIV in the 46 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV infection reporting since at least 2007; 162 (75%)1 of those children were perinatally infected.

From the beginning of the epidemic through 2009, an estimated 5,626 people who were diagnosed with AIDS when they were younger than 13 years died in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Of the total, 4,986 (89%) of them were infected perinatally.

I wonder if Wendy Keillor would care to inform the family members of the deceased children or those living their young innocent lives with HIV/AIDS just how NOT dangerous AIDS/HIV is. Oh- I forget. These victims and deaths do not matter to them because they are not pit bull victims.

This is one of my biggest problems with these people. The constantly compare their issue of paranoia and fear with issues that affect not just the US but GLOBALLY.

Up to 42 MILLION Human Beings on earth have died because of AIDS and complications from AIDS. Horrible illnesses like:


Chronic wasting (weight loss) from HIV infection

HIV dementia

HIV lipodystrophy

Opportunistic infections

Bacillary angiomatosis


Cytomegalovirus infection

Cryptococcal infection

Cryptosporidium enterocolitis (or other protozoal infections)

Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) infection

Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (previously called Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia or PCP)

Salmonella infection in the bloodstream


Tuberculosis (in the lungs or spread throughout the body)

Viral infection of the brain (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy)

How about Dog Bite Fatalities?

42 MILLION victims compared to 276…
I’m not saying DBF are not tragic because they are but stop comparing dog attacks to a global epidemic. It just doesn’t make any sense and to be down right honest- it’s INSULTING

Now- it was awfully kind of Ms. Keillor to offer up her suggestion that pit bull owners need to have mental health evaluations but I really do feel that her members might need it a bit more:

I’m pretty -sure- killing the owner is criminal….

I’m pretty sure that’s not normal behavior either… Now here is a real… Well- I’ll let you decide-

Now I’m pretty sure not one sane person finds that funny.

FYI Mr. Knop- many times, people are infected with HIV/AIDS unknowingly. They live symptom free for many years- they infect other people, then those other people infect other people. Do you get the picture now?
To state that pit bulls kill daily is false and that makes you guilty of spreading false propaganda based on fear and lies.
However- here is the truth:

Now THAT is a FACT.

2 thoughts on “AIDS vs Pit Bulls

  1. if it does not concern a pit…anything else is of no consequence to them. Nothing that happens either nationally or internationally mean nothing to them. To put it bluntly, if the USA were on the brink of nuclear war, these members would not be aware of it. This is true cult worship to the extreme…nothing or no one matters to them…


  2. It amazes me how people can make statements like AIDS is not dangerous as if it really is a fact!! These people are seriously sick in the head if they think for 1 second a pitbull is more dangerous than AIDS!! And to make comments like they’ll come in your yard and shoot your dog and you! So it’s okay to commit murder in what you and society has made everyone believe is justice!? To harm an animal/human just because of the negligence of another human being!? I just can’t begin to wrap my head around these things.


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