Not so silent majority…

DBO members love telling pit bull owners that we are the minority and those who hate our dogs are the silent majority.

What EXACTLY is the “Silent Majority“?

If you have ever had the displeasure of speaking to a Dogsbite.Org Cult Member then you know they have absolutely no issue with expressing their beliefs. More like shoving their warped views down your throat… over and over again.

Now Times polled the public after it’s anti Pit bull article just to see where the public stands..

Are you ready?

Feel free to check it out and vote yourself!

Now- we know the DBO cult members must not be thrilled with this right?

So- DBO members LOVED this article because it castes pit bulls in a bad light yet… Now it’s a biased poll?

Yes McGinn- cuz your just a fountain of scientific facts… (Although for a woman who’s been divorced 4 times I defiantly know I wouldn’t ask her for relationship advice..)

Either way… I think Yoda explains it all for me in a few well chosen words-

Yes- a whole lot.

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