“A 71-year-old woman watering plants outside her home was seriously injured after being attacked by four dogs Wednesday morning, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said.
Game’s pit bull, Diamond, which tried to protect her, also suffered injuries and had to be euthanized, her son, Bobby Game says. ” Read the media report here that is posted on Dogsbite.org

I honestly think one of the requirements to be a loyal DBO cult member you must be heartless.

Let’s take a peek on how they insult and attack this new victim- based on the fact that this woman’s dog who just happens to be a pit bull who also died trying to save her-

What do you mean what was she doing with a pit bull? That pit bull was her beloved pet. That pit bull gave it’s life trying to defend it’s owner.
What’s that Deborah? Please point out anywhere in this news report that states the dog who died trying to protect it’s owner was owned by a criminal and drug dealer. Oh wait- it doesn’t say that at ALL.
Deborah please follow this helpful suggestion-

Now- let’s continue-

Tom- please re read the article- if reading isn’t your strong point let me explain it to you- the VICTIM’S dog did not attack her. Her dog tried to protect her. Please do us a favor and follow Deborah to the corner.

And the heartlessness just never stop-

Christy- we don’t expect anything from you that would resemble compassion towards this victim and her dead pet. In fact, I’m pretty sure your thrilled another pit bull has been killed. You are correct- this dog- who happened to be a pit bull tried to protect it’s owner- like any good dog regardless of the breed.

And once again- you make sure this isn’t about the victim or the dog killed trying to protect you. We get it- one dead pit bull is the silver lining of this story for you.

My brain is starting to hurt from all this… Stupidity.

AND OF COURSE the KKK would be mentioned- even when it has absolutely nothing to do with this attack.


4 thoughts on “Heartless-

  1. I really really hope there is a very special place in Hell for all of these people. For them to say such cruel things in the wake of such a tragedy… pieces of shit each and every one of them.


  2. If it were ANY other breed attacked along with the woman, they would be up in ARMS?!?! SMFH! But, you know it doesn’t matter cause OBVIOUSLY she is one of them “nutters”! Time Magazine should do a article about THIS!


  3. These individuals have not a brain between them. DBO’s mantra is it is always a pit bull attack. The bimbo that critcized the Deep South must not live there. As for the Klan, most of them don’t own dogs. It’s not clandestine as it used to be. David Duke, Grand Dragon or Wizard ran for office or tried to. You’re thinking of a White Supricist. Groups. They are more likely abuse animals. So hopefully you get it.. Research will help you run you mouth


  4. These sites such as DBO claim to be a victims support group but where is the support for this poor woman who wasn’t only ATTACKED but lost a beloved pet in the process. Their ATTACK on the woman at such a time shows their true mentality, and their true craziness. A dog bite/fatlity support group my rear, they are worse than ANY dog that attacks


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