Kill, Kill and some more Killing…

It’s like a daily convo over coffee with these folks. What’s their favorite topic?

Not always in that order.

Yes- because protecting our innocent dogs from packs of foaming gun toting homicidal, animal abusing DBO members is lunacy.

Just kill them all, right? I mean- who the heck cares that the majority haven’t hurt a single soul. Who cares right?

Just as long as they can kill,kill,kill all day long or atleast talk about it… All day & every day.

2 thoughts on “Kill, Kill and some more Killing…

  1. and here’s hoping these “inbred roach” foamers get a taste of their own medicine they feel so free to hand out….and the slimiest/most vocal of the group claim innocence when another canine is subjected to the most heinous of abuses out in the community…


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