Some times you have to take a break from the toxicity of the foaming frothing madness of the DogsBite.Org septic tank and focus about the good in life.

I read a article from the anti pit movement that stated “There are 400 dog breeds to choose from. If you can only love a pit bull, you don’t really love dogs. Or people” written by the hateful Barbara Kay

Granted it’s so easy to point out the stupidity of this article but it made me pause and realize- I seriously feel sorry for these people. Can you imagine how destructive and soul consuming being filled with such obsessive hate all the time? They wake up with this hate, they fall asleep with this hate, they eat,breath and walk around with all of this hate.
The sad part is- all of this hate isn’t even directed at the individual that causes them so much pain. It’s directed at thousands and thousands of people and dogs who have absolutely nothing to do with them.

So- they can embrace their hate and all of the obvious stupidity of it all they want. It seems misery loves company and they enjoy marinating in all that toxic soul destroying hate.

But as for myself and thousands of others – We will always embrace love. We love our families-

Even when they destroy the living room after you just pick it up. Even when you find Cheerios hoarded under the couch or when your teenager uses all the hot water. Even when your husband can’t seem to find the pair of socks that’s right in front of him or when your wife decides to put the family on a healthy diet.

We choose LOVE over HATE everytme.

We LOVE our mutts, our purebreds, our rescue dogs of all breeds,sizes and issues. We love our deaf dogs, blind dogs, hairy dogs,hairless dogs, one eyed dogs,stinky dogs, bed hogging dogs, snoring dogs, energetic dogs,lazy dogs, cute dogs,ugly dogs,small dogs,giant dogs- we love them regardless. We love them more then you could ever hate them because we know love is far stronger and nurturing than hate.

I can’t speak for anyone else about zombies- but my family likes zombies. Unless we see them rolling through hood, then we might not like them so much. Although- if you are a Walking Dead fan you might have a inkling that maybe the toxicity of hate and violence might have a hand in the whole zombie apocalypse… I mean, look how freaking Shane looked when he turned and he was consumed with hate when he turned.

So- hypothetically– would that mean all these hateful foaming pit bull haters have the potential to turn into the walking dead?

One thought on “Love

  1. they already have, turned, that is, into the walking dead. Anyone with that much hate and evilness within their spirit has an inability to see beauty..or know love…or compassion…or empathy…all encompassing fallacious ideology that cripples the mind and body…hate is all they know and hate is what they shall reap…


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