Pit bulls & Serial Killers

I mean seriously folks. This calls for a WTF moment.


Alright- so Van’s created these cute shoes-

Arn’t they cute? But wait- of course this irritates Mr. Borchardt and one of his lovely hate groups all because ONE of the dogs is a pit bull/bully breed.

Yes- did you notice all the other dogs on the cute shoes too? Right- but these hate- mongrels only notice one dog. So if course, they make their usual hateful comments-


So- a pair of shoes is promoting “slaughtering” of children? Jane Brown- do you even know the definition of slaughter?
Here it is for you and your toxic sludge group-

Notice the little comment that calls for this little pathetic self absorbed group to once again bombard a multi billion dollar business because a pair of shoes has a image of one dog they hate on them?
Let’s check out what one vile and ignorant member posted on the Van’s page –

So-Stacey, comparing a pit bull to a notorious serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer makes sense how? How is a dog like a a man who also is known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, who is known as an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991?

You know what’s in poor taste Stacey? Comparing serial killer victims to dog attacks. Although- I’m pretty sure there have been far more victims of serial killers combined then DBF’s. Hell- I found this list that ranked serial killers by body count dating all the way back to 1568.
The odd thing is- there is not one picture if a DOG that is listed as a serial killer.

Once again- YOU minimize and mock victims that where tortured, assaulted and killed in the most horrific ways possible by other human beings all because YOU don’t like a image of a dog on the shoe.

Get help soon please.

10 thoughts on “Pit bulls & Serial Killers

  1. WHAAAA!!!! Really people! A picture on a shoe is NOT slaughtering children. You know what my kid would see if he had these shoes (which now I will get) DOGS! Thats right dogs. Oh no! I think this is the dumbest craziest thing I’ve seen yet.

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  2. If you don’t like the shoes… do not buy them! It is as simple as that. Why they feel that everyone in the world shares the same viewpoint as they do, or even I for that matter is beyond understanding. I love dogs… I love what these shoes represent… I don’t think the 10 people that are going to write Vans will make much of a difference in sales 🙂 As we speak they are bombarding their facebook page… nasty little haters.

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  3. I’ll say it again…these irresponsible and illogical loons scour the internet looking for the word “pit” and attack anything that word is attached to….I’m surprised they haven’t attacked a well known actor even through his name has an extra “T” in it….wouldn’t that about sum up their idiocy? It is not possible to stop themselves…this condition of theirs is mass hysteria driven by insanity which in turn is driven by subliminal messaging by the telephone psychic robot….its mind control at it’s most basest level…other well known, perverted, mind twisting people have done it….

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  4. Stacy’s comment is flawed in oh so many ways. The correct way to present this would be to compare Jeffrey Dahmer to *one* pit bull only as he was only one man. Or to compare all DBRF’s by pit bulls to *ALL* the people MURDERED by serial killers….that we can prove.
    So there is 1…just 1 photo of a pit bull somewhere on these shoes. And that is *supposedly* some big propaganda scheme by the ASPCA and the pit bull mafia to promote fighting dogs. You know…my paranoid delusional uncle used to believe the Masons were spying on him througb cable TV. He had to take medication for that.

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  5. Stacy has drank the kool aid and is drunk with the same Vendetta as the hate monger Crazeen, it would seem. What’s worse is I have to put up with this BS here in my own backyard. I wish to hell she never moved to TX.. In Houston tx the spca euthanized about thousand plus pitties, and was awarded for it? Seriously how do people take DBO seriously when they use that psychic gerbil and flawed outdated statistic reports…. Oh and then my fave, going on a ranting spree of telling people how to cook dogs and or kill them. SERIOUSLY? The serial killers here are the DBO cultists, as they purposely are trying to get pits out of kill shelters just to kill them. I mean really, and this is proof enough they care not for the Victims.


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