Chicken Sh*t

Dear Pit bull Propaganda Machine Nonsense ,

Hi there!! How are you doin? I see your trolling through Facebook pages of your known enemies (you know- every pit bull owner and the sane people who think the majority of you have serious untreated mental issues…)
I do feel the need to point something out to you though-

Shocked? No, none of us are and I’m pretty sure your okay with being the cowards that you all are.

You know what a COWARD does? A coward makes comments about a person even when they know you’ve blocked them because your afraid to get bitch slapped with the truth.

So what person did you “attempt” to put in their place?

Aw. I mean cuz everyone knows that it’s ALWAYS the dog’s fault. Let’s take a glance at that article-click here
Wait- what? ” “(My son) was in pretty bad shape,” Christiansen said. “He came home screaming and crying. I don’t know what possessed (the dog) to do it. It was just unprovoked.” So, let’s see- according to the media– the father was not there so there is no telling if this was provoked OR unprovoked? (I’m pretty sure Ms. Graham pointed that out..) What else? We have no idea what actually happened except a 8 year old boy was bit? I’m pretty sure once again- the report shows that.

I mean, because we know drama is your middle name- you can’t willingly seem to actually comprehend a post. I’m pretty positive there was no blame in that post. I’m pretty sure that post Included some actual facts. (I know you really don’t like to deal with facts..)
I mean- there can not possibly be incidents that show that kids are not always honest when unsupervised… Or that at times children can be cruel and not want to fess up… Right?
Example 1
example 2
example 3
Do you want more examples?
There are at least 2,225 child offenders serving life without parole sentences in U.S prisons for crimes committed before they were age 18.

Now before you start choking on your foam- no one is saying that the 8 year old is part of that statistic. But I think it might show that children are not always truthful. And what about that boy who taunted and teased that large mastiff? Was that the dog’s fault that a boy was teasing him?
Not one person is glad that a child was attacked- but once again- it’s just never ever the humans fault, right?
But that’s something that can’t be debated because your a chicken shit. If you think your sporting some brass balls and think your proving it by calling a person out knowing that your going to hide behind your Facebook block then your wrong. It just makes you a coward. But we already know that… And now- so will thousands of other people.

FYI- Ms. Graham has no issue debating this topic of the human behavior factor in some dog attacks with you … But she’s not holding her breath.
So once again- thank you for showing the world what kind of people you are.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Sh*t

  1. Well, I’ll be damned!! Chicken shit cowards they are! I left a post under that one on their page last night that said “but, it is ALWAYS the dog’s fault, right billy,suzie, dj? ALWAYS!” ……..and what do they do???they deleted my comment…..and banned me from their page! Go figure.

    AHAHAHAH fricken cowards…all of them


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