Please remember-

Contrary to certain people- there are bigger issues that we need to remember and deal with now that it’s summertime with rising temperatures and it has absolutely nothing to do with pit bulls.(unless somehow members feel that it’s the fault of pit bulls that parents leave their kids in hot cars…).


In a 16 year time span there has been
575 deaths from leaving children in hot cars. That averages 3 (2.994791666666667) deaths per month for 16 years nationwide if these deaths where spread out through all 12 months.
We are in the middle of 2014 and the count is already up to 13.


I don’t care if you think your only going to be in the store for 15 minutes because in that 15 minutes your child could die strapped into a hot car.
Take a moment and watch this powerful video that could prevent a tragedy.

Education never ends and education can prevent so many tragedies- from water deaths, children left in hot cars and even dog attacks.


For more info-
please click here-
Please click here for more info
Please click here


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