“Don’t blame the babysitter… Blame the parents”…really?

We’ve all heard the tragic stories ( or the same story- over and over and OVER again..) about a child dying as a result of a babysitters dogs. (Honestly- I’ve only heard one but it’s changed many times that sometimes it seems that it’s a new story every other time..)

According to this news report – “NEW BRUNSWICK — A 4-year-old girl is in critical condition after being mauled by two dogs in New Brunswick, law enforcement officials said today.” For any normal person- this is a heart breaking tragedy. EXCEPT if your a Dogsbite.org member. No surprise this made the Dogsbite.org page because we know unless it’s a pit bull attack then it’s not news worthy.


Now- your probably wondering if there really was someone that stupid, that cruel, that insensitive AND that hypocritical to even suggest blaming the parents and just forget about the babysitter. You know- the babysitter you trusted to keep your children safe?
Well of course Dogsbite.org has members who recommend doing exactly that!

Mr. Maxwell never seems to fail us. Although, Mr. Maxwell is pretty known for being such a pleasant assh@le that he has earned the title-

Although- this is exactly pretty normal for them. In FACT they did this to their poster child Mr. Jeff B . In fact- they did that to him- please read here– they called him a nutter, they said his story didn’t add up, he should go to jail, call children protective service … Now- when I wrote that post I had decided out of respect not to show the screen shots of those hateful comments but- I’m a bit tired of the hypocritical attitudes.




So- I have a question- why is it okay to attack these parents? Is their pain any different? Ask your friends Jeff- ask Mr. Maxwell why he feels it’s okay to blame these parents? Why is it okay to not hold the babysitter accountable because who knows- it could have been unpreventable or it could have been 100% preventable and should be prosecuted. Who knows- this just happened.
“This mauling follows a Newark incident, in February, in which two pit bulls critically injured a 10-year old boy, leading to a charge against the father for endangering the welfare of a child.”media report here

I guess the babysitter in Jeff ‘s tragedy got off lucky- because we know now one blames her for the death of a child in her care.

Sometimes that lesson is pretty devastating…. Just saying.

One thought on ““Don’t blame the babysitter… Blame the parents”…really?

  1. This only further extends the blame for Dax’s death to Bogart, himself. Funny how the blame constantly shifts depending on how Colleen feels that day.


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