Racism and religion

It can never be just about dogs. Well, not with DBO members. Now- if normal people discuss a dog attack we talk about the individual dog and the events of that particular attack. What normal people don’t do is drag race and religion into it. I mean, what does that have to do with dogs?

According to DBO members- it’s perfectly legit to be racist- as long as you hate pit bulls and their owners.

And of course-

I mean- of course all of us pit bull owners are hardcore thuggin’ it or white trashin’ it up at the local KKK club house. Last time I checked- the many thousands of other responsible pit bull owners aren’t drug dealers either…

It’s not the first time this DBO gem let’s us know what kinda folks we pit bull owners be… (See how I dumbed up that sentence for him?)

I know for myself personally I’m not black or a hillbilly or a black hillbilly.
So- let’s just understand what all pit bull owners are to these people-
We are hillbillies-

Or black drug dealing thugs-

Or crazy fur moms-

Who live here-

Or here-

But never here-

Or here-

Totally not here-

Of course normal people understand just how insane and stupid they sound. Hopefully one day the DBO kool aid won’t taste so great and they will awaken from their stupor but I personally wouldn’t hold my breath.

So now- we are onto religion! I mean cuz that has EVERYTHING to do with pit bulls.


You know- if a certain DJ removed his out of a certain persons rear end- then he might actually understand what this young woman meant. Comparing a breed to the actions of a small percentage is like comparing all Muslims to the actions of Muslim extremists. It’s comparing ACTIONS. Although dogs don’t have the capability to premeditate and plot acts of violence like humans do…
Either way- then someone had to say this-

“The killing of innocent civilians is expressly prohibited in Islam, and the killing of one’s self is expressly prohibited in Islam. ”
It’s estimated that more than a billion moderate Muslims around the world share this belief.
Maybe Alice should do some more research on the Quran .
Actually- maybe Alice and her buddies-

Should read this great article and try to get rid of some of their ignorance.

Violence isn’t race, religion, gender or even breed specific.
There are violent people of ALL races. There is violence in MANY religions- Christianity and the bible has it’s own fair share of violent rules. Especially against non believers- Check out Deuteronomy 17 that tells believers who come upon such a person to “bring that man or woman to the gates of the city … and stone them with stones until they die.”
Another brutal passage about non-believers from the Bible, Psalm 137, states, “Blessed is he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”
Men and woman are capable of horrific acts of violence.

And yes- dogs of all breeds can be violent. Even pit bulls. No one has ever said they couldn’t be.
Some of us just rant going to kill off a entire breed for the actions of few.

Anyways-this pit bull owner has got to go all kitchen gangsta now. Key lime cupcakes don’t make themselves.
Peace out Homie G Funk.


One thought on “Racism and religion

  1. Damn, white, middle class Sr citizen and own a Pibble and a Pibble mix. My IQ is in the 150 -160 range. I can hold a job and my dogs are maintained. So, LEAVE me and my dogs alone. Screw your stereotypical ideals.


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