Acceptable victims

Is there ever a “acceptable victim” in any situation? I –personally– don’t think so but then again, I’m not a card carrying member.

You know what happens when you have a small group of people that enable such toxic behavior? You end up with people like this man:

So, according to Mr. Younger- it’s perfectly okay if you own a pit bull and it kills you. That is deemed as a acceptable victim. In his mind- it’s okay if the body count is up to the thousands. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters…. If your a pit bull owner than it’s just fine if you are killed by a pit bull- preferably by your own pit bull.

What about Darla Napora? You know- the pregnant woman killed by one of their pit bulls? Did she deserve to die? Her and her unborn child where acceptable victims?

Do you wish that the babysitter of Dax Borchardt had died because she owned two pit bulls? How about Angela Rutledge, whose son was mauled by a their pit bull while left alone unsupervised for a period of time. Should she have died instead?
How about Betty Todd? Should her son have died? You should ask his sister Ruth.

No one deserves to die from a dog attack. It doesn’t matter what breed it is and to be okay with the idea of people being killed all because YOU don’t like their breed of dog is sick.

Do the world a favor and get help soon.


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