The world of the Pro BSL Advocacy is so secretive. Fake profiles, fake pictures, imaginary lives… All so they can lurk among pit bull owners.

They make us hide our pictures, hide pictures of our children, our dogs (no matter the breed), our jobs, our friends, our families, our likes, our dislikes… I think you get the point. They make us want to hide our lives so we don’t fall victim to their childish vendetta. So we don’t find pictures of our families plastered on their hate pages. So we don’t have to read these “people” mock our children, mock our appearance, our lifestyles, threatening violence towards our pets and even against ourselves.

Guess what?
I’m not going to hide myself –

I’m not going to hide my life because in the long run- where do these creepy lurkers really matter in our lives? No where. They are sad, lonely, bitter people who sit behind a keyboard popping pills and obsessing over our lives. Afraid of the shadows behind bushes because it just MIGHT be a pit bull looking type dog.

I personally feel it’s envy.

Envious of our children, our family, our friendships, our happiness. Envious of our joy, our laughter, our love, our relationships. Envious of our happy,healthy,stable and fulfilling lives.

We have suffered loss, all have lost a loved one, buried loved ones and mourn but guess what? We let ourselves heal. We have loved ones who help us heal. We heal and we keep moving. We heal and we keep loving, living and learning.

I’m tired of giving envious,sad,unhealthy, unstable people the power over me.
I’m not hiding anymore.

I’m not hiding my dog that has never hurt a soul anymore-

I’m not hiding my life filled with love,joy, friendship and family anymore-

Try and get your own life and stop creepily lurking around ours.

P.S – stop hating on the Zombies… I doubt they would want to gnaw on your bitter selves anyhow.


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