ABC’s of Foaming

HI! Welcome back to Foamers 101!

The Foamers are a frothing functional machine. Granted, they may not really amount to a whole lot but what they are capable of doing they tend to excel at. We are going to look a bit deeper into the world of Foaming.

UntitledFoaming is a process. A long, messy confusing process to the normal in society but it comes easy to the Foamer.

2Aggression is a go to tool for Foamers. This is one reason why I caution interacting with Foamers, especially alone. The simplest comment will unleash a wave of unrestricted and never ending attacks. It really doesn’t even matter if you are a pit bull owner or not. If you don’t follow their cult like belief then you are automatically the enemy and must be demolished at all costs. I.E if you show a sense of independence and are capable of forming your own thought or opinion then you are public enamy #1.


Bad Behavior is perfectly acceptable in the Foamer Community as long as it is serving their agenda. Foamer logic finds that stalking, harassing, bullying, mocking, assulting, shooting, stabbing, torturing, abusing people and animals perfectly acceptable if you are doing it for the Foamer Cause.  Yes, to the normal people, this behavior is disgusting, immoral and illegal but Foamers feel that they live by their own set of rules set forth by the “leaders” in the Foamer Community.



Self destruction is essential to Foamers. They do it repeatedly, over and over again. You will witness melt downs, temper tantrums, tangents, stark raving mad comments on a daily basis. Everything that pertains to their dislike is a epidemic, terrorist activity, homicide and plauges of biblical proportions. They spend days and hours tracking their obsession and form secret groups to figure out how to take their insanity to the next level and if you are in their line of vision then be prepared for their apocalyptic bombardment of craziness.  

The world of Foamers is a complex and disturbing society that probably belongs on the NatGeo channel. Although I’m pretty sure the horrors of their cannibalistic soul sucking nature would be deemed far too gruesome for television.


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