Foamer talk 101

20140721-085335-32015626.jpg Hi! How are you? I would like to take a moment to welcome you to Foamer Talk 101. Before you dive into the confusing, mind boggling, often contradicting world of Foamers it helps to have a little knowledge under your belt. Let’s begin!

20140721-085821-32301450.jpg Foamer (Noun) A person who froths and convulses over the very idea that pit bulls exist and are pets. They will explain that your pit bull will eventually eat you because it was genetically created to have the desire to devour every single living being. Foaming (verb) froth formed from saliva in the mouth at the mention of the word pit bull.


20140721-090750-32870210.jpg It’s strongly recommended that you avoid direct contact if possible but we understand that it’s not always possible. You have to remember, Foamers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and levels of insanity. REMEMBER age is not an issue when it comes to foamers. 60+ year old foamers who live in a one bedroom apartment with multiple small dogs and pass out psychiatric diagnosis are just as dangerous as the 40 year old man who still DJ’s unsuccessfully for a living. 



That’s a good question! Even though Foamers may look difference in appearance, Foamers act very similar and sometimes identical (Although that partially is because they have multiple facebook accounts so that they can stalk and harass individuals, although that will be explained in another session.).

Characteristics of a Foamer:






Self Importance






Lack of Independent thoughts and ideas

Cult like

Self Destructive



Of course the list could go on, but I think you get the idea. FOAMERS tend to SELF DESTRUCT so it is recommended to sit back at a safe distance and watch the fireworks.


You would think this would be a long complicated answer and you can possibly get a multiple of answers depending on the people you ask. However, the one thing that ALL will is agree on is:

Lack of accountability.

It’s so simple to blame a animal that does not have the ability to talk or defend itself and since the majority of Foamers are COWARDS they will pick on the one thing that can’t fight back and point out their stupidity. Animals and many times- Children.

If your scratching your head and wondering why these people are not locked up in some mental hospital deep underground and away from the normal society, don’t worry, your not alone. Although you have decided that until such actions like that can be taken it is best to understand this small group of people to keep you and your family safe.

download (1)

For your assignment, please feel free to observe the Foamers in their natural habitat and watch them interact with each other at Dogsbite.orgTPBPR and Confessions of a Pit Loving Whack Job. Just please remember, these individuals are known to be dangerous, foolish and act irrationally. They will stalk, threaten and harass you so please do not approach.






2 thoughts on “Foamer talk 101

  1. my first thought is: deadly viruses are kept underground, locked away in steel vaults; the location of these deadly pathogens known only to a select few…why then, are these raving, raging human viruses loosened on an unsuspecting population? Yes, in deed, these maniacs belong behind locked, steel barred, inescapable padded cells….


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