Walking Contradictions

Alright- so it seems that some BSL advocates are rather capable of dishing it out, yet are unable to take it. I’m sorry, but my sympathy well has dried up.

So, according to the anti pit bull hateful blog, Scorched Earth – The Pro BSL/Pro Pit Bull Ban “advocates” ( and I use that term loosely.) feel that they are ENTITLED to say and do ANYTHING they want because they just can.

Well, here is my response to the absurdly self-centered nature of these “people” ( and yet again- I use this term loosely).

This post is pure personal opinion and a rant brought on by continued personal attacks on the families of fatally injured children, children critically injured, or the owners of pets that have been mauled or killed by pit bulls. When a victim’s family member uses his/her First Amendment right to speak out and to lobby for laws protecting the public the most despicable breed advocates go insane. Instead of taking a long, hard look at the problem and looking for a way to do anything purposeful about it they heap up the abuse. Can this solve anything? Is this a tactic for “responsible” dog owners? Attempts to hide the bloodshed by shutting up the survivors are not good policy. Here are just two examples, and these are fairly mild, some of the personal attacks get even worse. “

Alright- so let me get this straight, because you are a victim of a horrible and dare I say preventable tragedy, society has to stop and let you trample over our families, our innocent dogs and our 1st Amendment right? Yes- I’m pretty sure you need to go back and actually read the definition of that. However, I’m such a nice person and I know you find it hard to look past yourself, I will include it-

First A·mend·ment

Part of the U.S. Constitution:an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that forbids Congress from interfering with a citizen’s freedom of religion, speech, assembly, or petition

Now, nowhere in the definition does it say that ONLY you have the ability to speak out and to lobby for laws that protect our families. Are you really that naive and/or narcissistic to believe that no one will speak up against your blanket blaming and fear mongering?

Please- just stop playing the pity card. We get it- someone and their dog was responsible for whatever happened but to blame thousands upon thousands of owners for the fault of one person? Do you really think that people will give you or any of you a free pass?

Before you start slinging mud- perhaps you should look at your own hands. Some of the worst, vile, violent, sadistic fear mongering individuals rub shoulders with you. Their vileness and need for violence has caught the attention of the public- even to a point a fire fighter was demoted because of his “hypothetical” and disgustingly violent Facebook post about killing dogs.

You think that legislators don’t see the simmering insanity that is boiling over in their own kitchen? Attempts to hide their vengeful and unhealthy agenda by trying to silence anyone that refuses to sacrifice their innocent dogs is a horrible idea.

Would you care to see some examples of their toxicity?



And these are some of the “nice” ones – I have exposed far worse and vile behavior. It’s not like they went as far as to brag about adopting dogs just to kill them, right?


Oh that’s right- they did.
Do you honestly think people will excuse this sort of behavior? How long do you think society will allow them to keep blaming, threatening and terrorizing innocent people and their pets?

This thinly veiled insanity is what the BSL/Ban advocates attract. They can’t hide this sort of dark toxicity. Each and every day eyes are being opened and people are asking the questions they try so hard to avoid.

Here is MY suggestion to the “high” BSL/BAN leaders- shut down this enabling of bad and illegal behavior. Not one person out side of their “group” understands the concept of murdering innocent dogs and harassing innocent people.

It’s obvious that many in the pro BSL/Ban advocates feel they are above the law. That they are justified in poisoning, torturing and killing dogs because they can. It’s a common for these toxic people to feel that everyone should pay for their injustices- except the people actually responsible.

Here’s a suggestion for you BSL/BAN people-

1. Stop blaming everyone for your mistake.
2. Stop acting shocked when we refuse to allow you to dictate our lives and our dogs.
3. Get used to the idea that we will never back down, we will never stop fighting and each and every day we will destroy your disgusting blanket of hate.

We get it- something horrible happened- we tried to show sympathy- BUT we refuse to bear the blame. Each and every time they feel that they are entitled under their 1st amendment right to attack innocent people and their dogs- we also practice the same right to fight against them.

We have been far kinder then what they deserve and what they’ve shown thousands and thousands of people.

3 thoughts on “Walking Contradictions

  1. Great blog, it really is sad what bully owners have to go through and all the dogs whose lives are lost. I work hard with my pups to show people that they are amazing creatures and ultimately just a friendly dog.
    Keep up the good work!


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