Nope! You just don’t count!

Time and time again- these “advocates” of ignorance remind victims that they just don’t matter cuz they are not “pit bull” victims.

According to Mr. Borchardt, these victims of of mass shootings- you know- human on human violence. The premeditated unavoidable acts of cruelty carried out by a person that doesn’t care if they are snuffing the life out of people that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that person’s problems kind of violence just isn’t that big of deal to him.

Only 270 which includes young children being executed while in their class. Not a big deal to him.

We’ve been here before Mr. Borchardt and you didn’t like the last set of numbers either. Unlike you- those numbers and the numbers above are accurate and not based on trolling Craigslist and assumptions, but we get it- the WORLD gets it. Nobody matters but you, you,you, and some more you.

Let’s refresh your crazy brain of yours- for one city- in your great state if Wisconsin-

Let’s look at the last 8 years for this ONE city count of Homicide Victims-

  1. 2013-118
  2. 2012-108
  3. 2011-99
  4. 2010-109
  5. 2009-87
  6. 2008-80
  7. 2007-124
  8. 2006-130
  9. 2005-137

Got your calculator handy?
So far- that 992 homicide victims for ONE city in just ONE state. Guess what? A pit bull was NOT involved in a single ONE of those acts of homicide. That’s not even INCLUDING 2014. But- since you like numbers, here is the upto date so far for 2014 for just that ONE same city.


But we know- they don’t matter. The difference between your “numbers” and these numbers are: they are undisputed. There are no questions, there is no wondering or guessing. These are facts. Autopsies preformed, bodies buried and families still grieving. Do you really want to go there? Do you want the statistics for attacks, abuse and rapes too? I’ve done them for you before.

You’re not a expert. You are a father who lost his only child in a horrific manner directly caused by the irresponsibility of a woman and her dogs. We get it- no other victim except victims that help your cause only matter to you. It makes sense, but it doesn’t make sense when you try the number game. Don’t downplay victims of other crimes unless you’re seriously that big of a monster that you think YOUR grief is worse than theirs? Are you? Is that what you’re telling everyone?

275 DBF deaths in 31 years are a tragedy. Then again- so are the 270 deaths from mass shootings in 15 years,  992+ homicide victims in Milwaukee Wisconsin for 10 years, just ONE CITY, how many do you think the count is for all cities in every state? Heck- that’s not even counting missing children and people that their families have no IDEA if they are dead or alive.  Are you planning on calling all those families and let them know just how much GREATER your grief is?

Are you getting the point? Your posts are starting to look callous, disturbed, completely misogynic and definitely lacking perspective. (Yes, the whole “snatchovic” was a hoot- if your in 6th grade- but I think it was just your misogynic beliefs peeking through- I guess all of us women are also paying for the crimes of that one woman too..) Maybe, just maybe, you should take that break, refocus, go to church, pray really hard. If not then keep going and let the world watch you crash and burn. Do you really think Colleen and her stooges will catch you and support you when you become a even bigger liability to your “cause”?

Jeff, Jeff, Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Like I’ve told you many times- You are your worst enemy.


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