Dodging stupidity


I really don’t think I will ever accuse a member of being wise. Lord knows they scream their stupidity from the mountain top.

So, the founder of Daxton’s Friends, the misogynous DJ from Wisconsin- Mr. Jeff Borchardt posted the story about a young 7 year old boy who was killed by a Rottweiler- Read about it here
and with their usual words of wisdom, they share this lovely comment-


WE dodged a bullet? How is that? We don’t want anyone killed by a dog by ANY breed, unlike members who sit around wishing and waiting for a DBF from one of their hated breeds. You know, William Johnson-  A supposed victims advocate likes to offer advice on how to “communicate effectively”-


Maybe instead of harassing innocent people he should work on teaching his own crowd of idiots on the rules thinking before they type? But you know… who wants advice from a “nutter”?

One thought on “Dodging stupidity

  1. Why am I ever surprised at the things that these people think? You would think that sometime during the typing of their comments, before hitting enter, they would realize how completely callous, heartless and down right stupid that comment is. Nope they proudly hit enter, all the while thinking how clever they are. Morons


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