Intolerance- just another DBO trait

Intolerance, hate, fear, ignorance, homophobia, misogyny – some of the wonderful words that describe members.

Let me introduce this DBO gem:

Ahh… Homophobia– what a shocker.

I mean- who really cares what goes on in two consenting adults bedrooms? It’s not my business and it really doesn’t affect anyone but the people involved. If you don’t want to see a gay couple in the bedroom than stop being a creep and stay out of their closets.

Teaching our kids what? That if they are gay then they are perfect just the way they are? That they don’t need to change to be accepted?

Eh? Pam tries to see people as humans buuuuttttt…… You know, those darn prissy weak gay men & overly Manley butch women. Those type of people just don’t fall under the human category. have the greatest members right?

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