Liar Liar Foamer pants on fire…

I’m curious- do they even know they are lying?

Kids are off limits?

So, these are kids? I mean- what is with Foamers and images of undressed kids on their hate pages?

Oh wait- but children are off limits to them?

Somehow I’m not believing them.

Are you believing them? It makes me wonder- especially with DBO/Daxton’s Friends followers of the pedophiliac nature if there is something darker going on? Obsessing over young children, in depth convo’s about raping dogs, killing animals…

The scary part is- they feel these children are fair game.
You know- cuz if you are owner of a pit bull or pit type of dog that hasn’t hurt a soul you are fair game.

Eh- hate to break it to you Foamers, but unlike you guys who are cowards hiding behind hate pages we don’t feel the need to hide. Feel free to point out where I’ve hidden myself in these blogs? I get it- it pisses you off and I’m just fine with that. Over 13k people read and see your stupidity and its growing daily.
But it’s not just me- Here is another- and this one (which has over 77,000 views)-
We aren’t scared of you. We won’t back down and we don’t have to hide.
Although- I’m curious…

When did any of those children visit your hate page?

Did this one visit?
Come on Foamers- stop lying.t

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