Puppies are cute. Puppies are innocent. Yes, puppies are brimming with genetics that are a fountain of possibilities, of what could he’s.
But you know- according to Foamers, all possibly pit type puppies are dreaming of ripping your face off.


The video is really darn cute… But because Foamers are professional dog experts with ability to see into the future (probably thanks to Colleen Lynn and her part time fortune telling..) this puppy’s cute behavior is actually sinister. It’s just laying in wait … Those damnable land shark mutant demon dogs from hell!

Yes Beth – your hate and toxicity is barfworthy.

Could this puppy grow up and bite someone? Well, yes… Just like any animal. Could this puppy grow up and be a happy family pet and achieve greatness in some child’s life? Absolutely (and more likely..).

Does the same probability include humans? As humans, are we bound by our genetics to be carbon copies of our parents? Chained to the same addictions and faults? A great example- Jeff Borchardt is an addict. Will any future possible offspring suffer from the same addictions? Possibly- but it’s not an absolute certain.

Nothing is absolute– nothing is set in stone. But I do know that puppy is absolutely hilarious.

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