I know a gal…

So, I know a woman. A hard working, tax paying, responsible, loving,dedicated, intelligent woman.

I also know this dog. Stunning, well behaved, incredibly well trained, talented, kinda famous. Loves people of all ages.

I know that woman was sad when Aurora kept their pit bull ban. Can you blame her? Her dog is a “pit bull”. Her well trained/behaved, athletic, funny, sweet, strong, loving the represents millions of happy and well loved pit type dogs homes.

Foamers HATE her. They say HORRIBLE things about her. This woman holds OWNERS of all breeds responsible. This woman is the face of millions of responsible and happy pit type owners. Foamers HATE that.

Seriously Ryan. THAT woman and THAT dog have more honor, respect, love, character in their pinky than any of you Foamers ever will.

She and millions of other people are the reason why you guys FAIL.

P.S Ryan-
Stop creeping on people. If I didn’t already know you had a boyfriend I would swear you had a hard on for women pit bull owners…

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