Two brain cells…

Two brain cells… One lost and the other searching for it.

Foamer Talk

Foamers are slowly (well… Not that slowly) losing what little intellectual knowledge they might possess as a collective horde. I’m honestly surprised by Craven– I actually assumed him/her/it/alien/satan’s favorite turd was one of the semi intelligent Foamers. I was proven wrong.

Basic dog education 101-
When approaching ANY unfamiliar dog, REGARDLESS of breed – one should approach slowly. Even if said dog has zero aggression issues. Maybe the dog gets excited and jump on you- or possibly a child and knock them over. “Move slowley….”

So, Jose is a homeless man that has a 5 year old pit bull who panhandles. Check Bobby out.

Of course these Foamers have to take a positive story AND a example of a homeless man showing responsibility and great ownership of his dog by stepping up and asking strangers not to rush his dog.

Ahhh… Mr. Dennis Baker- AKA D-man. Isn’t…

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