How many times do we hear Mr. Borchardt whine & cry that he’s always the victim and that poor Mr. Borchardt does not pick on anyone? Nor does Mr. Borchardt harass anyone?

So, of course his hate filled newspaper ad has obviously rubbed a few people the wrong way- but since he’s made it his mission to blame & attack EVERY bully breed owner alive….. I guess he can’t be to upset when they fight back.
See that? Fact based, polite and respectful- how does Mr. Borchardt respond?

Now Mr. Borchardt– that’s not very polite OR professional. Considering Mr. Borchardt is begging for people to see him as this misunderstood grieving father. He is the one attempting to shove his agenda down everyone’s throat. But don’t worry- he & his lovely wife are just having a BLAST.

So much fun he is having harassing people!


Why so “pissed“? Jeff isn’t… He’s having a HOOT! Wait a moment- did Heather admit to ANOTHER fake profile?

This one?

Karma is a funny and fickle dame…. and Karma has a dark sense of humor at times…. Mr. Borchardt should know this all to well….

5 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. I am not sure that this will ever get to Jeff D. Borchardt i hope that someone will post this somewhere he will see it and answer it. He has blocked me off all his pages etc. I guess they do not want to know what i have to say . It is easier to cause trouble i guess if i am kept silent.

    To: Jeff Bogart

    How would we know we are not located in the USA and we have no clue who any of you are? The news or name never emerged outside your own country apparently, i guess it just waw not that big of news, that it needed to go internationally. Don’t feel bad i did not know who Michael Vick was and his story is something i am suprised was not known everywhere.

    Unless, you want to talk openly honestly and productively I believe that this is where all this should end for us. We will no longer be responding to anything that is posted regarding this. We have other things that are higher on the priority list than this that we need to get back too. You most likely have valid points but everybody is too busy fighting, hating, threatening and arguing for anyone to hear any valid points. This is very counter productive. We are not going to change any laws by doing this any longer.

    I am the one who commented would you like to speak to me directly instead of playing games. I am open to discussion and willing to admit things could have been done differently and should have been had we known a parent ( i am not sure if there is a mother as well as we have no reference to her in any material), was involved.

    I am positive you could have done things differently as well.. I want to get back to what we do and i am sure you have more important things to do as well then waste your time with us. We aren’t going to change our opinion on the “pit Bull ” type dog and neither are you there this is a huge waste of time for us to continue with trying to educate you .

    No dog should ever hurt a child.
    We don’t spend our time dealing with haters of the breed, as a rule. It was the education part of your ad that offended.

    We had no idea of your story and who Daxton was. It must make a person tired coming up with stories and hate that fit your purpose. I can assure you did not know who we were prior to then either.

    I do dog bite consulting independantly for court. I have seen a lot and can say that it is any breed and no the smaller ones killing is not likely but permanent damage, yes that does happen on a regular basis. We believe that any dog can bite and dog owners are responsible for thier dogs ultimately.

    I have no issue stating that if you were going for stronger penalities for the owners that are irresponsible so be it i would be standing beside you (providing you advocated completely different than you are now) . If that was my child i don’t know how i would feel, maybe i would feel the same way, I can’t say. Grief is unpredictable and any adult that loses a child feels guilt whether they admit it or not, that is human nature. I am not as dumb as you think i am.

    The problem to your idea and theory is that Huskies have killed all the children in Western Canada not pit bull type dogs. We are not calling for them to be banned, German shepherds and boxers were once on bsl and still kill at times, Rotties were as well. Dobermans were one of the worst breeds over “pit bull” type dogs for myths about the brain continuing to grow and cause them to attack. Those bans for the most part has been lifted on those breeds but not entirely.

    I honestly don’t care if you twist my words , I am pretty sure you will and have anyways prior, but know there is no way possible, if we had known the story and knowing it was a parent of a child that was lost to any breed of dog would we have ever ever encouraged people to contact your organization in that manner.

    I can’t be sorry and won’t be for doing what was done with the lack of information we had on the group posting the ads in newspapers. The bottom line is not every body knows who you are. Honestly, I don’t think wasting time on a group and this type of advocacy, is anything we would bother to waste time on. I am unclear as to what breed the dogs that attacked your child were, I have heard “pit bulls” but then also boxers which does not make them “pit bull type” dogs at all. I suspect the owner may know, but that has confused me, along with a lot of other things about the incident.

    Your minds are set and closed to listening, talking to any of you , would be a massive waste of time and effort. I am very very concerned that the anger that you feel was enough reason to endanger other people’s children by posting thier children’s pictures on a facebook page without permission. In case you are not aware you never do that, as it exposes innocent children to peodophiles searching for victims and they are very very smart and creative. The pictures alone, being stolen by child porn peodophiles is horrific and the fact those pictures may be out on the net passed from peodophile to peodophile is sickening No parent even one that has lost thier child or not, along with other adults that claim to advocates for children’s safety is sickening and baffles me how this can come about.

    We are sorry that a child was lost as we always are when any breed is responsible. We offer our sympathy to the family and friends of the child.

    Before you delete this or trash me with twisting what i have said around, I will keep a copy of this. But honestly I don’t care what you say about me because i don’t , at this time, the way this is going, care what you think of me. That really is your problem not mine. I have thick skin , i have to have as a Mastiff/APBT mixed breed guardian, retired Animal Protection Officer and EMT/firefighter.

    I wish you the best in life and hope that in time the pain of losing a child in your own yard, (which has to be horrific) by dogs that were authorized to be there by yourself, dulls and heals a bit.


    I only hope that someone will ensure that he and his followers see this.


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