It’s everyone’s fault but Jeff Borchardts.

He doesn’t know you- but it’s all your fault. He has zero education except for spinning the tunes at some run down bar – but he’s a god damn expert and you better not disagree with him.
Hell- your dog wasn’t even born yet, your dog hasn’t hurt anyone, you & your dog have no clue WHO Jeff Borchardt is- but it’s all your fault.

How dare you not let him rage, stalk, send family members to stalk you, threaten you, harass you. How dare you not let him try to kill your dog or to stay silent when he comes after you.
According to a Jeff Borchardt – he has every right to do & say whatever he wants. According to a Jeff Borchardt– we have to accept his abuse because he is the only person who has ever lost a child. According to Jeff Borchardt -He has every right to abuse anyone he feels deserves it- all because you will not shoulder the blame for his poor choice in babysitters.

Jeff Borchardt is sick and tired of you not letting him violate you, threaten you, abuse you and blame you. Jeff Borchardt feels that his grief is far more worse than any other person who has lost a child and he has the right to bully you into submission. He has that right- according to Jeff Borchardt. He has that right to harass a family of a autistic child because she has a dog he doesn’t like. He the right to steal images of children. He has all the right in the world to be an asshole and we just have to take it.

If Jeff Borchardt is paying for his poor choices than he expects you to pay too. It’s YOUR fault he abused alcohol- It’s YOUR fault he sold drugs- it’s YOUR fault HIS choice of a babysitter cost him his son’s life. EVERYTHING is that is wrong in his life is all YOUR fault.

Sorry Jeff Borchardt– but nobody HAS to accept anything. Nobody has to even extend their sympathy- Not one single person really has to give a damn. Maybe if Jeff Borchardt used his high school education to the fullest potential- he would understand that there are millions and millions of people that just don’t give a flying f@ck about his supposed self inflicted tragedy. Be glad that anyone outside Jeff Borchardt’s group of frothing Foamers even bothers to extend one drop of gives a shit into his pity party bucket.

50% of the responsibility of Jeff Borchardt’s child’s death falls into the lap of HIS hand chosen babysitter & best buddy. If Jeff Borchardt wants to know the other 50% – he just has to look in the mirror.

6 thoughts on “It’s everyone’s fault but Jeff Borchardts.

  1. no it does not give him the right to kill innocent dogs..and it never will..he is no more an authority on dogs then someone getting into a car accident is a mechanic…


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