I get grief. I understand grief. Just like millions and millions and billions of people- deal with grief, death, horror, loss and pain daily.

What I don’t understand is- Jeff Borchardts unchecked, unhealthy, unabashedly wish and desire to inflict his tragedy on innocent families. Not just strangers- but to engulf the members of his own supposed church congregation.
30 beautiful children singing, growing and learning with pure faith and innocence and all Jeff Borchardt can see and think when he looks at them is wishing pain, tragedy & horror on these children and their families.

When will Jeff understand that all of Jeff Borchardts prolonged issues are self inflicted? Oh- I’m sure if he was confronted by the parents of those children he wished harm on he would make the same tiresome excuse he always does- “My grief got the best of me!” “Those pit apologists made do it!” “ColoRADo Dogs are responsible!”– excuse, excuse, excuse after excuse. The same tired excuses.

You know what is waking people up? The sick, twisted death wishes that Jeff Borchardt is praying for so he can be famous. The blood on his hands are his claim to infamy and he’s enthralled with it.

“The condition of being known for having done bad things or for being evil.”

Enjoy your infamy Jeff Borchardt – enjoy your legacy of evil.


*if you feel the need to contact Brooklife Church to have them reach out and help Jeff Borchardt- here is their email – email

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