There is no way around it. BSL Advocates/Foamers are a nasty biohazard toxic sludge that oozes and infects communities, however- there is a humorous side to the horde of frothing convulsing Foamers that only people outside looking in can see.
I will admit, the last couple days have been filled with drama, which is bound to happen when a situation happens that brings forth the berserkers of many conflicting groups.

It’s in these epic clashes is where the magic happens. It’s during these battles of ferocious googlers where the monumental stupidity just crashes through all logic. The idiocy batters down common sense and tramples intelligence and very few brain cells recover from the onslaught of insanity.

It dawned on me the other night after sobbing incoherently during the mid season final of the AMC The Walking Dead-

(Oh gawwwwwd…. Why Beth?!?) but- it dawned on me the new dastardly mode of attack that Foamers/BSL advocates are engaging in. They want to kill off our brain cells by waves of supreme stupidity aspread through the Internet. It’s a act of evil geniuses! They use their mean kid playground bully tatics with horrible spelling and “DERP” meme’s to slowly turn your brain into mush. Biological
lunacy weapons of mass stupidity.

I have to give their dedication to the whole “killing you with stupidity” tatics two thumbs up.
Can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from this brain cell devouring horde or are we doomed to spend our lives lumbering around as a mindless undead member of depressing society?

Could this be us? Just chillin’ and hanging out with other victims of the Foamer Biological lunacy weapons of mass stupidity?

Will it affect our law enforcement?


Or will you FIGHT and protect your loved ones and yourself?

Foamers are not invincible! Their stupidity can be thwarted and you can take back your community! So, start kicking ass with your logic, compassion, love and the knowledge that you are fundamentally everything Foamers want to be in life.
YOU are the Daryl Dixon… Just not as hot as the real one.

FYI- you know why Jeff Borchardt and his fellow Foamers hate zombies? Because they know those darn zombies are still smarter, better looking and socially acceptable than BSL advocates.


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