Willie Billy Boy- the fuzzy Bartender

It’s hard finding the right gift for such a gifted sociopath like Willie Billy Boy. He’s not ever really nice to me, yes- he’s just down right rude- but when one is genetically predisposed to be a moron- you can’t ask for much else.
But- it is CHRISTMAS and ‘Tis the season to share. I have looked all OVER the Internet for the perfect gift and then in one magical moment- I saw it.

Now- I know you are looking confused-
They are not edible but they are inserted into… A certain region and when one poops… It’s covered in glitter!

Check the glitter pills here!
Now- Willie Billy Boy will need to purchase his own KY- but I’m sure
he will have a blast double fisting these glittery concoctions!
Who wouldn’t want glittery poop?


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