Olivia Wyatt

Sometimes it’s really hard to find gifts for all those special Foamers- so, I thought- “What would a hypocritical religious zealot with sociopathic tendencies enjoy?”

It hit me!!!! A Nice relaxing TRIP!!!!
Oh My Goodness- this will be the best gift ever and she should LOVE IT!

Now- I scoured the Internet, prayed, asked a coven of nuns and a few ISIS members and after compiling all of their suggestions- I found the right place. So, I hope Olivia gets her suitcases ready and I’ll give you a sneak peak of her specially planned itinerary!

Are you excited? Are you ready to know where she is going?? Alllllright- guess where Olivia has a room reserved in-

SQUEEEEEEEE! Isn’t it great and reserving her room was super simple! In fact- rumor has it that Hell is incredibly excited for her arrival!

Not only will this uber insane Dogsbite.org member be enjoying the burning atmosphere of Hell, there is also a prolonged tour of Purgatory! Heck- They even threw that in for free!

After her stroll through the levels of purgatory- Olivia can kick her feet up and enjoy a nice soothing boiling glass of lava in the deluxe penthouse in-

Seriously, can this trip get any better for them? I’m sure she will be THRILLED. I just hope she knows that this gift is from my heart.

I really do hope Olivia enjoys her trip to hell!


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