The Ninja

Lesley the Ginger Ninja from the UK. What do you get the vulgar, foul mouthed, extreme foamtress who is overflowing with STD’s straight from Satan?

First- I thought about a t-shirt.
I -thought- it would mighty comfy as she sits in her chair with her cup of tea in her crusty ‘ole claws as she scours the Internet for pit bulls and their Nutters. BUT- I think it just does not do her justice.

So- I went back to the drawing board. What would the internet addicted ginger ninja want? What would be useful for the ‘ole British hag?
Then- I found this:

Holy Foamers. A ninja keyboard for a ninja! I’m so EXCITED!! And, AND – wait for this- I FOUND THIS TO GO WITH IT:

A whole SLEW of ninja tricks for the keyboard!!!

It’s educational and it provides some more ninjastic skills for the bitter bride of Satan!
Plus- we know how functional Satan’s favorite turd wants to be, I figured she would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this:


So, a t-shirt, a ninja keyboard, a ninja keyboard instructions AND a ninja book. Whew! I think she’s covered!
I really hope she enjoys it! But if she doesn’t- than she can borrow one of Willie Billy’s poor glitter pills.


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