Amarillo Texas

Are you from Amarillo Texas? Do you currently live in Amarillo Texas? Do you have loved ones who live in Amarillo Texas?

If you do than be on the look out for a residential stalker. Pure evil bubbles through this ginger Foamers veins.
Freda Ward.
At this moment- she might be lurking around your neighborhood taking pictures of you, your home and dogs- than running her frothing self home to upload her treasure onto her hate pages.

I wonder what her neighbors would think about all of this?


I know I would not be amused-

It’s funny how Freda and other Foamers feel like they are so violated by not being able to make decisions about every family in the world. I mean- how dare you and millions of others have well adjusted dogs. Yet- Freda Ward, Jeff Borchardt, Colleen Lynn feel that intruding upon our lives is not a form of violation?

OH THAT’S RIGHT! Every darn pit nutty owner doesn’t have that right. We don’t have that right to protect our families and dogs.


If you do happen to live in Amarillo Texas and you see this woman creepin’ through the hood’ – go ahead and call the police. I hear Foamers don’t mind a few felonies.


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