Agendas. Each and every person has a personal agenda, a goal that they could, would, should and should not achieve. Some for the good, some for the not so good and some for the most evil people ever (I.E- Hitler, Stalin, Colleen Lynn, Jeff Borchardt, Ted Bundy ect….)
If you ask a BSL advocate on a public forum- outside their hate groups, they will clammer about “public safety”, “for your own good”, “because they care”…. What’s Jeff Borchardt’s new favorite line? Oh yes- “No birth = No kill”. FYI- he’s not talking about any breed except for what falls under the “pit type”. A gentle extermination for our dogs.

But what is the true agenda of BSL adovocates like Jeff Borchardt? Well, ask his buddy Wayne-


As anyone really shocked?

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