BSL advocates like to throw around random numbers. The only real, factual number they have are the actual dog bite fatalities.

Dog bites are the fifth highest reason why children seek emergency room treatment due to activities they voluntarily engage in, such as playing sports.”
Pulled straight from – however- no breed or breeds are mentioned.
Again- it does not state which breed or breeds are the leading offenders.

Dog bites occur every 75 seconds in the United States. Each day, over 1,000 citizens need emergency medical care to treat these injuries.”
Again- pulled directly from and again- no mention of breeds.

Pit bull terriers were selectively bred for a violent activity that is now a felony in all 50 U.S. states: dogfighting.”
Pulled straight from – however, like true form: Colleen Lynn distorts one paragraph:

The injuries inflicted and sustained by dogs participating in dogfights are frequently severe, even fatal. The American pit bull terrier-type dogs used in the majority of these fights have been specifically bred and trained for fighting and are unrelenting in their attempts to overcome their opponents. With their extremely powerful jaws, they are able to inflict severe bruising, deep puncture wounds, and broken bones.”– now what do you think the percentage of pit, pit types, or whatever they deem as a pit are purposefully bred for this? According to BSL advocate- every pit type dog is purpose bred. Even though the reality of that is the opposite.

In the 3-year period of 2006 to 2008, 18% of all fatal dog attacks occurred off owner property. Pit bulls were responsible for 81% of these attacks.”
According to
Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). – pit bull types? We’re they pit bulls or not? Mixes? Mutts, American Bulldogs, Staffies, bull mastiffs, presa’s, Cano Corsos, Dago….all of those breeds are considered to be “pit bulls” according to & BSL advocates.

According to there was 32 dog bite fatalities in 2013-
25 by pit, pit type or possible pit mixes.
That is 78% – however- when you hear/read a BSL advocate say : “pit type dogs are responsible for 78% of all fatalities in 2013” it seems massive! That’s because they don’t truly share their “numbers.”

Since 2005-there has been 320 deaths caused by dog bites. By no means am I saying that these tragic deaths are not horrific- because they are. But I would like to compare some things.

In the past year- in one city, Los Angeles- this is their homicide count broken down in sections:

Each victm is names here with their story.

On this day, 16 homicide victims along with 1,400 nameless unclaimed bodies have been buried in a unclaimed mass grave in Los Angeles.

In 2012, according to Los Angeles- there had been 936 rapes. Since 2000- there have been 13,343 rapes- and that’s not counting 2013 & 2014.
LA city data

BSL Advocates need to stop trying to pull a fast one on society. Dog attacks and dog fatalities are horrible & tragic but if you actually start digging- you notice that it was a preventable tragedy- still a tragedy non the less. When you start comparing numbers- you start noticing how the BSL advocates start a campaign of fear and hate.

It’s time to start holding BSL advocates accountable for their deception.

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