A Reason For Abuse

BSL advocates will justify any sort of abuse towards an animal if it’s a pit bull/pit type dog.

A recent example:
A dog was found burned by possible bleach & acid-
Now- normal people would react with disgust, horror and express that the horrible piece of crap be arrested and thrown in prison,right?

Well, not DBO members. Instead- they sit around and think if reasons WHY this demon mutant dog from hell deserves to have boiling water, bleach and acid dumped on them.

Uhh….. The dog was found in his yard. The innocent dog was not fighting anything or attacking a single thing.

Getting revenge for what? Oh well, Joanna McCrazypants said pouring bleach/acid on the animal is just fine if it’s REVENGE….

Oh sure Freda, who doesn’t carry around “boiling water ” where ever they go to stop a never happened dog fight! How dare you be outraged that someone hurt this mutant dog!

I mean, sheesh. Boiling water, acid & bleach is what EVERYONE just carries around.

Yes, God forbid. I mean, other than stalk and harass families, children of dog bites that don’t hop on their crazy train-

Well DUH. Acid is the first thing someone thinks of to break up a non existent dog fight. “JUST IN CASE that damn mauler attacks lets just pour acid on it to be safe…HUE HUE HUE” says every Foamer ever.

Well, gee. Beth is against animal
Abuse BUT you know- it’s a pit bull. Maybe it deserved it.

Seriously- what the f@ck is wrong with Freda? Does she have children? Does her girlfriend know what a sociopathic animal abusing nut job she is? Really, if anyone of you live in Amarillo please, please direct the police towards that nut job if there are abuse cases involving pit bulls.

At the end of the day, these people are dangerous, violent, mentally unstable individuals who are trying to have a say when it comes to your pets and your choice of future pets. Are these the type of people you want making those choices for you?

3 thoughts on “A Reason For Abuse

  1. Wtf! There is no excuses for cruelty to animals. Even if this dog (which I very much doubt) was dangerous there is no excuse om this planet for it not to be treated humanely! These people are as screwed up as every other dumb troll I’ve had the misfortune to witness


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