An Open Letter to BSL Advocates

Dear BSL Advocates,

This letter is in response to your non-stop continuous harassment, your 24-7 pity party, your fabricated guesstimated statistics and your unhealthy obsession to systematically blame the millions of people you feel should be mauled by their pit bulls, their mixes, and their “pit bull derivatives”.

Your continuous need to blame everyone from Arianna Huffington, Nancy Tranzow, AVMA, the CDC and the millions of other groups and people shows the core of issue of a hundred other underlining issues you have. You lack accountability, Your lack of Personal responsibility. The very idea that you feel that each and every single person owes you shows just how narcissistic you truly are.

Your proclamations of promoting safety are dispelled by every hate page you create targeting innocent families and pets. Each child you post without parental consent (which you have never had..) and mock keeps showing the true face and agenda of your BSL movement. When you physically stalk individuals (oh, you didn’t think we knew?) because you can’t stand that they disagreed with you- outs you has the hate group you are. For every child you wished mauled so you can say “I told you so”, for every animal you wish tortured “hypothetically”, poisoned, shot and stabbed based on breed – destroys your victims advocacy claim.

What kind of victim’s advocacy rejoices in creating new victims? Your advocacy. What is it that drives you insane? That millions of pit type dogs are happy, healthy and relaxing in their homes while you work in your campaign of hate? Does it anger you that much that millions of people won’t let your toxicity enter their lives.

Well, someone shared a image with me and I think it fits for you-

Me (Kimberly Stojcanneverspellhername)

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